To those who happen to visit to keep up on the adventures of the Titus family, please accept my apologies.  With the advent of Facebook I thought it was a bit redundant to keep up my family website as well.  I also found it difficult to find the time to keep up both.  I have decided, however, that both are merely excuses and I am, therefore, going to make every effort to update the site on at least a quarterly basis...if for no other reason than to chronicle the wonderful life we are blessed to be living in Walla Walla.

Happy New Year everyone!  Another year in the record books for the Titus  family.  Looking forward to another exciting year as the Walla Walla Wine Adventure continues.


Piper double dated with her good friend Daisy for the Wa-Hi Prom in April and looked absolutely stunning if I do say so myself.  (You too Daisy!) Hard to believe my little girl has grown up to be such a beautiful young woman!


The weather was perfect for the 2013 Walla Walla Balloon Stampede in May.  Balloons went up all three mornings and Max and I chased them around town.  Spring is a beautiful time around here and I highly recommend a late April or early May visit!

Had an absolute blast skiing with my main man Max this year.  I classed up Bluewood a notch with my spring ski tux at the Bluewood Bash in early April and Max went all Bob Marley on me with the rasta-man ski look.

As you can see, pretty much anything goes at "The Bash".

The 2013 ski season got off to a great start with some serious powder dumps in early January.  Got in a few epic days of tree & cat skiing. Got some new powder skis from "Old Peculiar" (aka, my mother in law) for Christmas.  They are a total game changer in the powder.  I absolutely love them!  Thanks O.P.!  Also really enjoyed skiing with Max.  He really took some 

Happy New Year!

2013 started off with a bang at my dear friends' Stan and Joan Perkins in Bellevue, WA on New Years Eve.  It was a great way to kick off the new year and it was good to reunite with old friends on the west side.  New Years Day. however, was just a little bit hazy (much like this picture) !  

Had a fabulous Christmas in Walla Walla again this year.  So happy to be able to spend it with our west coast family.  Sure wish we could get together with our east coast family as well and will wish for that for Christmas 2013.

Winter 2009

Aloooooohaaaa! The Titus family invaded Kauai in early 2009 for the OPASTCO Conference at the Grand Hyatt.  Is it the dying man's last cigarette?

"Damn the recession...full speed ahead!"   Jet Titus 2009

In spite of the constant bombardment about the great recession (depression?) of 2008, I refuse to allow myself to get depressed when there is so much to be thankful for.    We've started the year off with a bang thanks to FairPoint Communications and about 200,000 frequent flyer points and spent an incredible week in Kauai for the 2009 OPASTCO Winter Conference in late January.   (Slide Show)

After marooning Jules and Piper with my dear friends in Idaho while attending an MCI Masters event at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai in 1996, I was blessed to be able to share this incredible experience with them this time around.    Jules and I enjoyed great food and drinks with friends from around the country.  Max and I explored the beaches at sunrise.  And, unlike the teenager in the American Express commercial, Piper was all smiles and all great attitude and had the time of her life while we were there.


                            JT & EA                                                       David, Evan & Jay

I had a chance to play golf again (an win the OPASTCO Golf Tournament) with my good friend Evan Arvig from Minnesota as well as his dad, David and Uncle Jay.  At fourteen under par, I'm afraid that's the last time we'll get paired together in that tournament.   (See "The Swing".)

Happy New Year everyone!   It's just impossible to believe another year has come and gone and yet a new one has begun. 2008 was filled with firsts from my first Super Bowl; our first cat (& 5 kittens too!);  my first time as a soccer coach; and we elected our first Black President.  

It was filled with adventures from Phoenix to New Orleans to Chicago to Emerald Isle to Quebec City to Palm Springs to Portland and Seattle.   Julie and I celebrated our 15th anniversary and Julie truly surprised me and made sure I celebrated 50 years on this planet with family and friends both old and new.   And, Max turned eight in June as Piper became a teenager in October.


We enjoyed a very white Christmas with friends and family in Walla Walla at Hood Ranch.   

We entertained 25 for Thanksgiving at our house with Bridie's tasty traditional oven baked turkey, Jake Kaminski's smoked turkey and my eighth annual deep fried  bird.

November 2008: Who will you vote for for President?  The choices may suprise you.

Piper played on the Blue Mountain Soccer Club U13 Thunderbolts Select soccer team this fall and, after the resignation of the team's coach just before the first game of the season, I had the opportunity to put my extensive background in soccer to work (I played once in 8th grade PE) and step in to coach soccer for the first time.  It's amazing what you can learn in a few days on the Internet!  The girls played with incredible heart, enthusiasm and determination and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  So much so that I plan to attend a soccer coaching camp in February and get licensed as a coach/trainer so I can do it again next year.

Viva la Quebec!

July 21, 2008:  I just returned from a conference in Quebec City, QB (just say Quebec)  and if I didn't know I was just north of the border in Canada I would have thought for certain I was in France.  It's no wonder since Samuel de Champlain established Quebec City in 1608 and dubbed it "New France".  Sure wish I had brushed up on my french before going though. It definitely would have come in handy.

Quebec City skyline from the Hilton


Enjoying a little French Bordeaux with                  Le Grand Palais                 Carl Willson on the Rue de Grand-Allee

Played golf at the beautiful Club de Mont Turbillon just outside of Quebec City.  You know when the sign says "Golf & Ski Resort" you are in for some serious elevation changes!

June 21, 2008:  Hey everybody.  I cannot believe its officially and finally summer.  We've had an unseasonably cool spring this year (and I know we're not alone) and it definitely hasn't felt like summer until very recently.  Wally World has recently been hit with some 100+ degree days, some serious dust storms and other strange weather that no doubt will be attributed to the global warming crisis, nuclear testing in North Korea or the approach of Armegeddon.  Regardless, we're all glad to have summer upon us and we have an action packed schedule lined up for sure.

I missed the trip with the Johnson brothers to Jakes Salmon camp in Alaska this summer but it looks like Horse, T-Burn, Moose and the rest of the boys did just fine without me.  Maybe next year, boys!

We started off the summer with two long weeks of wonderful vacation (or maybe I should say too long) visiting friends and family in North Carolina from June 17 to July 1. (Slideshow) We got into Raleigh late, late, late, and spent the night with Julie's sister Tina (aka, Aunt Tina, Aunt Betti, Betti Crack Ho' and I Don't Care and various other endearing aliases) and then headed straight to the beach (with a quick stop in Kinston to pick up some of Ken's Famous BBQ and to say hello to Julie's Mom, Ginny (aka, Memaw for the grand kids and Old Peculiar or just O.P. for her #2 son-in-law, aka #2 for short).

Emerald Isle 2008

At the beach in Emerald Isle

For the most part our weather was great and we had a terrific time playing at the beach.  It was great to spend some time with OP, Mike & Elizabeth, Aunt Tina, Cassie, Lauren & Dave.  I am very lucky to have such great in-laws.

It's hard to believe but we celebrated Max's 8th birthday on June 8th. 


He and Piper have got a pretty busy schedules this summer with Golf, Tennis & Adventure Camps, soccer, trail rides and lots of swimming and goofing around at Mike & Bridie's pool.


Speaking of in-laws, Julie's sister, Elizabeth, and her husband Mike (aka #1) visited us over the Memorial Day weekend for a little sight seeing, wine (and beer) tasting & horse racing.  This was Liz's second trip but Mike's first and it was great to be able to spend some time with them here.


Piper really enjoyed her first year at Garrisson Middle school and finished strong with a 3.98 (darned A- in math kept her from a 4.0).  She played basketball and track and was a member of the middle school honor choir.  As much as she loves summer I think she is really looking forward to going back to school in the fall.

Piper catches some air in the Long Jump competition at their track meet against Pioneer Middle School.

As most of you know, my sister, Brenda and her husband, Dick have lived in Walla Walla for over 35 years and my nieces Bridie & Casey and their husbands, Mike & Troy live here as well.  Bridie practices law with her Dad and Casey is the head of the English dept. at Wa-Hi.  Mike does the catalog design and layout for NRS (formerly Northwest River Supply) and Troy was pursuing his passion of brewing beer in his garage.  His beer is so good in fact that, through a somewhat interesting twist of fate, Troy is now the new Brewmeister at the Mill Creek Brew Pub in Walla Walla, (I was sitting next to the owner on a flight from Seattle to Walla Walla this spring and he happened to be in the market for a new brewmeister.)  While he's currently making the brew pub's recipes we hope to do a couple of his own recipes under an exciting new brand name in the near future. 


May 1, 2008....It was a very busy, exciting & hectic first half of 2008 so I'll try to get you current as of late April.

Julie and I were appointed chairpersons for the Noah's Ark 2008 Spring Party.  This is a group of about 50 couples here in Walla Walla and we have three parties a year.  The group has been around for 15 years so Julie and I are relative newcomers and we were determined to throw the party of the decade.  Fortunately, one of our members who owns a trucking company had just completed a new 8000 sq ft. truck maintenance facility and graciously agreed to allow us to use it for the party.  Thus, The Trucker's Ball at Big Dick's Truck was born.  (Click here to see the slide show)

I went to Napa for conference in early April and, while I didn't get a chance to visit many wineries there, I did get a chance to drop by the Titus Vineyards and have a few glasses of wine with cousin Eric.

Eric Titus and I shared some of their latest vintages of Cab, Zin, Merlot & Petit Sirah at the family vineyard in St. Helena.

Piper continues to display her mother's intelligence and good looks and my entrepreneurial spirit and superior athleticism.  We were very proud of Piper for getting straight A's for the 3rd straight quarter and for getting third place with her friend, Libby Donaldson in the WW Chamber of Commerce Youth Entrepreneurs contest.  She and Libby are planning a county wide fundraiser called Lemon-Aid for our Furry Friends to benefit the Blue Mountain Humane Society.  They plan to recruit elementary and middle school students from around the county to set up Lemon-Aid stands in their neighborhoods.  Piper and Libby have been volunteering at the Humane Society for four years and they hope to raise over $2000 to help care for the animals at the shelter.  (Feel free to make a donation at

UNBELIEVABLE.  That's the only way to describe the whole Super Bowl spectacle.  From the Super Bowl party at Barcelona; to the pregame festivities; to the excitement and electricity in the stadium; to the long and somber walk back to the shuttle;  it was just UNBELIEVABLE.  It was so great to get together with my good buddy Michael Davidson and, thanks to his brother Peter, I actually got to be a part of one of the most exciting Super Bowls that has ever been played.  I'm still trying to extract the dagger that Eli Manning drove into my heart in the final minute of the game but that doesn't erase what was and UNBELIEVABLE season, an UNBELIEVABLE game and an UNBELIEVABLE good time.  (Photos coming soon)

My buddies from the Boston area ,Peter, Paul, Howie, Michael & Al at our pregame warmup at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Patriot hopes were high during Super Bowl pre-game warm-ups


January 1, 2008.  Happy New Year!!!  It's 2008?  Wow, what happened to 2005, 2006 & 2007?  In fact, I'm still recovering from the New Millennium celebration.  Ah well, "Time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me."  (Name that band in our Guestbook and win a fabulous prize!)

Thanks to our dear friends, Rick & Debbie Hillier, old buddy Stan Perkins & I got to be a part of the "League of 12th Men" for the Seahawks vs. Redskins playoff game in Seattle.  The Seahawks will go to Green Bay next week to face Brett Favre and the Packers.  Go Seahawks!  I've already booked my flight to Phoenix for the Seahawks/Patriots Super Bowl!

The New Year came into Wally World like a bad hangover on steroids.  We had wind gusts over 80 mph that knocked down hundreds of trees all over town and did untold damage to houses and buildings in town and blew semis over on the highway.  We were very lucky here at 910 S. Palouse Street and, to my knowledge, no one was seriously injured, but the damage was significant none the less. (Pictures)

A 100 year old black locust was riped out by the roots ironically blocking Locust Street just across the street from our house.

We spent the Christmas holiday in Walla Walla this year and enjoyed Christmas dinner at Casey and Troy's new place (which just happens to be Mike and Bridies old place.)  We had a monster prime rib roast that was so big the whole family had leftover French Dips for two nights and a huge pot of Prime Rib soup. 

Piper, Max and I got in several days of exceptional skiing at Bluewood in some of the best powder I've skiied in years. 


We enjoyed and appreciated being invited to so many great holiday parties this year at Richard & Sharon Lane's & Mike & Margie Monahan but I must say, while I'm a big fan of Casey and Vicky McClellan's Seven Hills wines, I am a huge fan of their Christmas parties!  Thanks C & V!  You outdid yourselves again in 2007. (Slideshow)


Good food, good friends, good wine, good times..."Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Piper and Max have both been playing in the Y-basketball league this winter and I've had the time and great fortune to be able to coach both of their teams this year.  With lots of practice and better coaching they might have a chance at being pretty good players.  We are all having a ball though and at this stage of the game, that's what really matters.

I learned that coaching 7 year olds is a little bit like herding cats. But, as long as you've got a bowl of milk, they'll follow you anywhere. 


Julie and I are enduring "The Great Basement Remodel of 2007 (and 2008 it appears)" ; an adventure of epic proportion that will include a new game room, home theater, wine cellar, laundry room, office and half bath in the basement of our home here at 910 S. Palouse Street. (See the mess, er, progress ) The project has been underway since October and we hope to have it ready to fully enjoy by the Super Bowl.

The great basement project of 2007 (and 2008 it appears)

It's Fall again in Walla Walla and I'm reminded again just how much I now hate trees.  Especially the four 100 year old sycamores in my front yard and the giant maple in the back.  Not to mention my neighbor's trees on either side of me which seem shed their leaves only on the days in which the wind is blowing toward my yard.  Ah, but that's a small price to pay for living in this wine saturated paradise.

Fall colors blanket Tietan Park

Good buddies Keegan, Max, Jack & Griffin ham it up at Pioneer Park

Piper made girls U12 travel soccer team again this year and her team, the Blue Mountain Soccer Club Blue Crush, had an excellent season finishing at 8 and 4; third in their twelve team division.  She played with the same Manchester United shin guards that were given to her by our neighbor Danielle Painting when we lived on Blossom Cirle in Natick and you could hardly stand to be in the same car with them.  Piper refuses to throw them away so I've placed an order for replacements with Geoff and Danielle who are now living back in the UK.  I don't think we could stand another year otherwise.

Standings : IAL Fall 2007 : Inter-Association League (IAL) : IAL GU-12 : Umbro West
Game ResultsPrint-friendly Standings
  Wenatchee Fire - Hendrickson12111055330550055
  Sun City Strikers 95' Kallis12921371317470047
  BMSC Blue Crush1284016211400040
  Wenatchee Fire - Dickinson1274122147370037
  3RSC Terminators126421820-1340034
  Sun City Strikers 95' Wells1265124176320032
  CB United - Lee1255215180290029
  CB United - Hobson123451113-2250025
  Sun City Strikers 95' Dalan123721326-10190019
  3RSC Shock12174924-10130013
  3RSC Chaos10181524-157007
  3RSC Frey10091335-232002
GP/W/L/T = Games Played / Wins / Losses / Ties
GF/GA/GD = Goals For / Goals Against / Goal Differential
Pts/Pen/AP/Net = Points / Penalty Points / Additional Points / Net Points


Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

The Walla Walla Frontier Days Fair & Rodeo mark the end of summer for the kids who went back to school on August 28th but ended the summer with a bang.  We were very proud of Piper and her horse, Sylvia who were named the 2007 Western Rider Champions  at the Fair.  And it couldn't have been much better as one of Piper's best friends (and my niece-in-law) was named the 2007 English Rider Champion.


Piper and Hannah show off their trophies            Piper and Sylvia's Success    

Max didn't win any trophies for his horsemanship but had just as much fun.

Max started first grade at Sharpstein Elementary while Piper has moved on to 6th grade at Garrison Middle School.

We met the family at Silverwood in Idaho for a little water park and roller coaster fun and then spent the weekend at Mike Hood's family farm about 8 miles from the Canadian border in northern Idaho.  The scenery was beautiful and we all had a ball playing golf at the beautiful Lucas Creek Gun & Golf Club (video), fishing for sunfish (Max caught the only two), riding the "Mule" and touring the Anheuser Busch Hop Farm.

The Budweiser Hops Team

It almost looks like Piper is fishing in the sky.

I attended the Western Telecommunications Alliance conference at the Coeur D'Alene Resort in Idaho in late August and fulfilled a long time dream of playing the legendary resort course, home of the floating green, with my new friends from Minnesota, David Arvig and his son, Evan.  I only wish my old friend, Geoff Painting, could have joined me from England as planned.  (Believe it or not, I actually stuck it about 10 feet from the pin from 160 yards out.  No, really! (Video)

Julie's sister Tina spent a couple of weeks with us in August and we enjoyed some wine tasting, horseback riding and listening to our IPODs in the back yard late at night.


Piper, Hanah & Jaime were awesome at the Peachbasket Classic

Keegan and Max get silly in the pool at Aunt Bertha's pool.

Summer is in full swing here in Wally World but we've spent much of the summer traveling to exotic locations (ok, maybe that's a stretch) in North Carolina and Idaho to see friends and family.  I've even managed an excursion to Alaska to mix a little business with nature.

Carl Willson, our fishing partner, John, & I relax at Riversong Lodge after a fantastic day of fishing on Lake Creek in the Alaska wilderness.

I had an unforgettable adventure in Alaska for the OPASTCO Summer Conference where I gave my "Magic of a Sales Focused Company" seminar and was able to sneak in a little golf, a lot of trail riding and an unbelievable wilderness fishing adventure (Click Here for Video) with my friend and partner, Carl Willson.   I now know why my buddies from Idaho go up there as often as possible and I'm definitely going to join them one of these days.

     Catching the big one on Lake Creek            Golf at 11:30 pm?  Only in Alaska

Speaking of the Johnson brothers:  I also celebrated the 30th anniversary of my graduation from Jerome High School and was reunited with many old friends and classmates the first week in July.  It was so great to catch up after all these years with many people I hadn't seen in years and we literally laughed until we cried about just about anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all.  Some things never change.

 You can always count on a few good laughs when T-Burner & Buck are around.


Rod Morgan hands out the coveted reunion golf tournament awards while Sage congratulates her mom, Ann for winning the Groucho Marx look alike contest.

 Hanging out with the President is one of the perks associated with being "Commander in Chief" for my brother Dave and his wife, Carol.

My brother, Dave, Carol and my great nephew Baren stopped in Walla Walla in early July on their way back from an Alaskan cruise and on their way to Dave's 50th class reunion in Jerome.   Dave is finishing up his stint as Commander in Chief of the Military Order of World Wars in August and says he will miss the breakfasts at the White House and the parties around the country but is looking forward to staying put in Georgia for a while.  


We kicked off the summer with a trip to North Carolina to see our niece, Lauren Hartford, marry her long-time sweetheart Dave Hill.  It was truly a beautiful wedding and we wish them great happiness in the many adventures to come.  (Slideshow One) & (Slideshow 2)

We spent fourteen glorious days at San Souci by the Sea in Emerald Isle and enjoyed spending time with our family at the beach.  Click on the "Photo Album" Link to see the latest photos.

We celebrated Max's 7th birthday on June 8th.  Time sure does fly when your having fun.

Winter 2007:  It seems as though it was a long winter on the Palouse this year but it has not been without it's very memorable moments.

Max, my great nephew Baren, Piper & newphew Steve compete in the Sycronized Cannonball event during Spring Break in Arizona.

We celebrated Jules 39th birthday in Arizona at he Casa Titus resort with Steve, Michelle & Baren at their beautiful home in Chandler. (photos.)

    Jake Kaminski & I get ready to set blaze a trail in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.

We had a great time snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing and Playing in the Blue Mountains at Bluewood, Andy's Prairie, Spout Springs & the Kaminski lodge. We also escaped to Sun Valley (photos) for a long weekend and Piper, Max & I skied tons of vertical on Baldy, Dollar Mountain & Elkhorn.

                                   Piper and me on top of "Baldy"

Dick Monahan (right) was appointed to the Executive Committee of the American Quarter Horse Association for five years and will serve as its President in the last year of his term. 

Brenda and Lyle Lovett have become "tight" and we  got a chance to hang out with Lyle and his fiance, April (with Jules below) after his Concert at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, Oregon in February. 

We celebrated our third Christmas in Walla Walla and even though it was not a white Christmas in town we had as much as nine feet of snow in the mountains this year.

September 2006 - Whitman Class of 1981 Reunion

It was so great to see all of my classmates from the Class of '81 who made the trip to Walla Walla for our 25th reunion.   Thanks to TJ and Bob for taking some great pictures!  Click on the "Reunion Photos" button to see our Reunion photo album and make sure you click the "Guestbook" button to let me know you visited the site.  If I didn't get your contact information while you were here it would be great if you'd leave me an email address so I know how to reach you.

Check out the Walla Walla button to see downtown (via the Walla Walla Webcam) and learn more about WW wines and wineries.

Click on the Photo Album link to the left to see other photos of our family, friends and our adventure in the Pacific Northwest. 

Or, read on for an update on what's happening here...

Piper showed her psycho horse, Faith, and rode in the parade while Max chose tortoise riding, an event that was a little more his speed, at the Walla Walla Frontier Days Fair & Rodeo.


After 25 years I finally found another 280 Z to prowl the streets of Walla Walla in.  She won best in class at the Wheelin' Walla Walla Auto Show in September.  (Of course, she was the only one in her class ;-)

Jules spent 10 days in record heat in  Italy in July of 2006 with her two sisters, two nieces and my mother-in-law, "Old Peculiar".   Photos

Our dear friends TJ & Carol Woosley and Stan & Joan Perkins joined us this Spring for a little early season tasting.  Photos  

While we are really looking forward to the fun that lies ahead, we can't help but reflect back on what was has been a  fantasic adventure so far.  

We played dress up for the 2006 Academy Awards at Richard & Sharon Lane's posh Oscar party...Don't we look like Hollywood types?


We've watched balloons stampede and rubber ducks race...


We've been in the Winners Circle at the Waitsburg "Days of Real Sport" with my sister Brenda, my niece, Bridie, my brother-in-law Dicky Boy and their quarterhorse speedster Axel Bentley (named by my great-nephew Griffin who had a little trouble with the word "accidently" when he was younger.)


 We reunited with the Blossom Circle gang in Natick


And played at San Souci By the Sea.....


Max celebrated his 6th birthday in June 2006 while Piper celebrated her10th in October.


While Julie and I... well, we just celebrated.

We got zero snow at the beginning of last year but  got enough this year to get Piper and Max back on the slopes at Bluewood.


And its been especially great to reunite with so many of my good friends in the Northwest. 

I finally got to go Steelhead fishing with the Johnson Brothers on the Salmon River in Idaho in October...

...and actually caught one of the damn things!

We feel very lucky to have such a great family, great friends and a great place to live.  We're looking forward to making more memories in the future so come see us and help us make 'em!